When I Was Hungry
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Our Goal

Our first goal to buy a mobile smoker/grill to use to cater extraordinary events for those in need has been accomplished!

Lang smoker grill

Our current donations have reached $1,300. We are still in need of donations for upcoming events.

What's Cookin'?

We're in the process of trying to reach our donation goal. Future events will be posted when scheduled.

Talk to Us

Questions? Contact us with questions you have. We'd love to hear from you! Email Pat at pat@wheniwashungry.org.

Welcome to When I Was Hungry

Greetings. My name is Pat Connaughton. I live in Avon Lake, OH. My family and I belong to Saint Joseph Parish (and can be seen at Holy Spirit quite often as well). As I try to live my faith and try to continually grow into the person God wants me to be, I was inspired to begin a quest to feed the hungry in our area and serve people in need as the opportunities arise. Yes, there are organizations that currently provide necessities to the needy. My vision is a little different and there is always a need to do more for the less fortunate. We would like to provide a unique and top shelf BBQ as you would give to your best friends and family.

Our first goal is to raise enough money to buy a large smoker/grill with a hitch to be able to bring it easily to many locations and be large enough to feed 50-100 people at a time.

Many friends and family will be involved with this as it grows. My wife Kristin, Paul and Ellen Warns and Rob and Caroline Rotz and Katie and Tony Drenik form the initial foundation to this non profit organization.

We will be meeting with many key people over the coming months to make sure are helping the right people in the right places. I pray this grows over the next 100 years to be something very special. Not only to feed people, but help clothe, shelter and minister to those in need.

Please help us offer these gifts to people. We will need to raise an initial amount of $10,000 just to get the equipment and supplies for the first BBQ. After this first hurdle is jumped, it will be much less costly for the food and supplies. We will need donations of time, treasure and talent!

Thanks in advance for your support. I am praying we hit this goal quickly so we can get to the real work of helping others.


Rob, Caroline, Paul, Ellen, Kristin, and Pat